Bayshore Drive Side Streets Project

For several years the Bayshore Beautification MSTU has grappled with the question of whether to invest more on beautifying Bayshore Drive or to turn the focus of beautification onto the side streets off of Bayshore Drive. Several months ago Bayview Drive residents called the question. On February 24, 2011 a public meeting with MSTU staff was held to discuss the possibilities for beautification on the street and to allow the people who live on Bayview to weigh in with what their desires are for their neighborhood. Ideas began forming, a broader, full-flowing discussion took form, and an effort to inaugurate the beautification of Bayview Drive is now under way.

Following the February meeting, MSTU Project Manager, David Buchheit, sent ballots to all property owners on Bayview Drive to determine everyone’s preferences for the street’s beautification. “I made sure the ballots used clear language so no one would be confused about any of the concepts. Also, to ensure the highest possible response rate, a self-addressed stamped envelope was included. The MSTU genuinely wants to move forward with beautifying the side streets in accordance with the wishes of the people who make up the community,” Buchheit said of the effort. According to the data collected from the ballots, residents indicated they wanted sidewalks on each side of the street, landscaping, and stormwater drainage improvements.

Buchheit consulted with a local planning and engineering firm to get cost estimates for the design, permitting and construction of the project with two alternatives. With this information, Buchheit followed up with the MSTU Advisory Committee on April 6th with the results of the community’s preferences and cost estimates to determine a course of action. This project’s implementation is currently in the design phase.  This phase was approved by the MSTU per its overall Capital Improvement Programming.  The decision to approve the design happened at the May 4 meeting.  Stay tuned!