Bayshore MSTU Master Plan


As of March 10, 2009 the Bayshore Beautification MSTU is staffed from the office of the

Bayshore Gateway Triangle. The Advisory Board for the MSTU recommended the staffing

switch from the Collier County Alternative Transportation Modes Department so that

the work of the MSTU can be carried out by staff who work inside the MSTU district. The

area served by the Bayshore Beautification MSTU is also served by the CRA and the two

entities have a history of collaboration. Now, both entities share an office and staff, the

community is looking forward to a future of fruitful teamwork!


A Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) is a funding mechanism for community members

to create a special taxing district to make improvements to their neighborhood and/or

community area through approval of the Board of County Commissioners. The Bayshore

Beautification MSTU advisory committee is comprised of community members within

the MSTU boundary. The committee meets monthly to discuss, plan, and approve capital

improvement projects that are consistent with their enabling ordinance.


During fall 2009/spring 2010, the Bayshore MSTU Committee was concerned that an

overriding Master plan was not in place to guide future Projects, Project Elements, or Project

Priority. Thus, the Bayshore MSTU Committee and Staff retained JRL Design Studios, LLC

to create a Master plan focused on multiple forms of Transit/infrastructure, Streetscape

Elements/Guidelines within the Right-of-Way, and plan for future Projects with associated

improvements and Criteria for future Planning.

The MSTU Committee’s Mission Statement reads as follows: ‘The Bayshore Beautification

MSTU Advisory Committee provides the leadership and direction to develop a visually

pleasant and pedestrian friendly community by focusing financial resources to improve

infrastructure, appearance, landscaping and design that promotes and maintains a healthy,

vibrant and safe community with a high quality of life’.

The Scope of Work is as follows, A comprehensive master plan, with a 20-year planning

time horizon/10-year update, in graphic and narrative form. The resulting booklet shall

coordinate and analyze previous studies related to design direction, committee directives,

imagery themes, district/neighborhood beautification, identity and circulation into a

cohesive illustrative package to convey the design approach for the MSTU District as it

relates to Transportation R.O.W.s (coordinating/incorporating the Summer 2010 Walkability

Study), Streetscape guidelines (Streetscape guidelines and/or illustratives

for Bayshore, Thomasson, Drive and Hamilton Avenue, including Street

Types (based upon R.O.W. width), alternative circulation (bikeways,

sidewalks, paths, trails and multi-modal usage), Public Art (key location

recommendation(s), opportunities, and plan and/or 3-D illustratives to

convey the intent), landscape, signage, lighting and an overall community

(district) identity. In addition, the incorporation of “Green” or sustainable

technologies and a Section for goals, objectives, and strategies/

recommendations will be Key to the Master Plan intent.

The master plan outlines improvements, both short and long term,

related to capital expense and/or breadth of a Design Area. Design

elements (mentioned previously under ‘Purpose’), combined with design

strategy (cost being a critical component) to brand, identify, and/or

connect the Bayshore Area are paramount to the considerations to be

improved within the R.O.W. Within 20 years, and after the following 10

year update, the following MSTU Committee Vision, Goals, and Objectives

comprise the ‘guiding principles’ of the master plan.