Thomasson / Hamilton Drive

While our team members work to incorporate sustainable
design and planning techniques into every project, we will
work closely with the County to develop and implement
sustainable principles in accordance with the project’s distinct
objectives, budgetary means, etc. Collectively our team has
long been committed to the advancement of sustainable
design and planning practices, developing comprehensive
designs that integrate economic, social and environmental
considerations to enhance and preserve both built and natural

We are committed to promoting conservation and good
stewardship of this incredible environment and natural
resource, and we plan on introducing a number of green
initiatives to assist in this regard. Steps we foresee taking that
will have an important environmental and sustainable impact
include the use of:

• Pervious and permeable hardscapes
• High albedo pavements that minimize the heat island
• Bicycle networks and storage strategies
• Transit stop amenities
• Street lighting for energy efficiency and light pollution
• Streetscape recycling efforts
• Water use reduction through plant selection and efficient
irrigation design
• Green education through informational and interpretive


Our Contractor (Atkins) has developed numerous lighting options along this
corridor. Atkins is aware that the MSTU already has approved
decorative lighting along Bayshore Drive that the MSTU
Committee would like to continue to use throughout the
community. As the design progresses, the Atkins team will
work with the community early to determine the level of
lighting desired to meet roadway lighting requirements as well
as the meet lighting requirements for the shared-use paths.
The paths are located far enough from the roadway that our
preliminary analysis shows separate path lighting may be
necessary. Atkins will look at cost effective solutions to meet
lighting requirements while being conscious of not limiting
overspill of lighting into local residences and business. While
it is evident in attending MSTU committee meetings on other
projects, the committee has shown interest in bollard style
pedestrian path lighting.

Roadway (Complete Streets)

Thomasson Drive and Hamilton Avenue are both existing
two-lane roadways with 11-foot lanes, and no shoulders.
Along Thomasson from Alladin Lane to the curve for Hamilton
Avenue there is existing sidewalk on both the north and south
sides of the roadway. Along Hamilton Avenue to the southern
limits of the project there is existing sidewalk along the west
side of the road.

For this project, Atkins was involved in the preliminary planning
phase supporting the Bayshore Gateway Triangle MSTU
Committee and community in making their ideas a reality. The
goal of the MSTU was to provide an updated roadway that
meets Complete Streets design criteria. As part of the planning
process Atkins had numerous meetings with MSTU Staff as
well as public meetings to get input and direction as to what
the Community Goals were for the corridor. This included
integrating the public art sites into the conceptual design from
the Framework Plan Atkins prepared (below) for the MSTU.

In addition, the coordination with the community, Atkins and
the MSTU staff had two meetings with Jay Ahmad, PE, and
staff from the Collier County Transportation Department to
present our design criteria, conceptual design, and conceptual
typical sections. The conceptual design was revised based on
questions and input from staff and other stakeholders.   Logo

Below is a conceptual design for this project.

A portion of the Thomasson Drive Improvements Project

A portion of the Thomasson Drive Improvements Project