Arts & Cultural District

 For years local artists and performers have work hard at their profession or hobby within the CRA area. They banned together to create support groups, rented co-op gallery space and promoted their work to members of the local community. In 2004 there was a recommendation to create an artist’s village in a residential section of the CRA. Further analysis determined that an artist’s village would be difficult to zone and manage. Controlling artist’s affordable housing prices over time would be a monumental task, so the suggestion to creation a Arts & Cultural District was discussed. This idea made sense if it was wrapped around the CRA’s catalyst 17 acre mixed use project. An approved “District” would attract cultural and art based operations over a larger area, thus making a larger economic impact to the commercial corridor.

 Cultural Needs Assessment Study

AMS Planning & Research Corporation conducted Collier County’s first comprehensive cultural planning process in 2002. AMS also conducted a localized cultural needs assessment for the CRA to assist in planning a future cultural district. The process included interviews with community leadership, an internet-based survey, and a comparison of the proposed district boundary with 65 officially designated districts in the USA. You can download the report here. On March 11, 2008, the CRA Board enthusiastically supported proposed District and passed a resolution to continue pursuit of an ordinance to designate the boundary.