Executive Board

The Board of County Commissioners also sits as the CRA Executive Board. They meet every other Tuesday with a summer break at the end of July until the beginning of September.

Resolution 2000-083 – BCC as CRA

FialaThumb Donna Fiala
District 1

E-mail:  DonnaFiala@colliergov.net
Hiller Photo 2 Georgia A. Hiller, Esq.
District 2
E-mail: GeorgiaHiller@colliergov.net
TH TN2 Tom Henning
District 3

E-mail: TomHenning@colliergov.net
taylor Penny Taylor
District 4
E-mail: PennyTaylor@colliergov.net
  Tim Nance
District 5
E-mail: TimNance@colliergov.net