CRA Staff

Jean Jourdan, Interim Director


Jean photoJean was hired in 2006 as the first Project Manager for the Bayshore/Gateway CRA community. She grew up in the Bayshore community and prides herself on community engagement and public outreach.  She began her career with the Property Appraiser’s Office where she successfully completed the Florida Institute of Government Courses and earned her State Certified Florida Evaluator Certification.  She served as a Senior Real Property Specialist with the Real Property Department and successfully earned certificates in Engineering, Acquisition, Law and Appraisal from the International Right of Way Association.  Jean was employed as a Senior Planner for the Comprehensive Planning Department and charged with reviewing rezone requests, PUD documents, site development plans and the production and dissemination of the Collier County Demographic Profile. She is currently a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and is AICP Certified and has a Certificate of Paralegal Studies from Barry University. She has been recognized for many awards throughout her career including, American Planning Association’s “Award of Excellence”.  Jean currently serves as Interim Director for the CRA, Bayshore Beautification and Haldeman Creek MSTUs and Project Manager for the CRA.

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Ashley Caserta, Project Manager


Ashley CasertaAshley earned a Bachelors Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, where she specialized in a study of Urban Planning, Theory and Design. In college, she worked as an intern with a local planning and engineering firm for one year, and relocated to Naples, Florida in 2005 to began her career as Planner and Senior Planner for the Collier County Growth Management Division, Department of Zoning and Land Development Review, working there for five years.  In 2010, Ashley came to the CRA as Grants Coordinator and later became Project Manager. Ashley manages the Bayshore Beautification MSTU and the Haldeman Creek MSTU, including roadway renovations, stormwater upgrades and small projects such as property and infrastructure maintenance and landscaping. She also assists with public inquiries regarding redevelopment, zoning and econoniomic development opportunities. Additionally, she researches and applies for State and Federal grants that will assist in the accomplishment of the CRA mission and leverage CRA funding. Ashley applied for and received a $25,000 grant to further the CRA TIF grant programs mission and continues to apply for grants to increase the impact the CRA can make in the community.

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Ekna Hue, Operations Coordinator

Ekna has been an employee with Collier County since 2001 and has worked in various departments throughout her tenure.   She worked in Comprehensive Planning for 4 years and later moved to Domestic Animal Services.  Ekna is a proud member and employee of the Bayshore community.  Her role with the CRA will be to manage the operations of the office including administrative support, budget monitoring, file keeping and organizing. Additionally, she organizes community events and provides customer service to the public.


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