About Us

The Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was established in March 2000 to alleviate slum and blight in two separate Redevelopment Areas within Collier County: The Bayshore Gateway Triangle Redevelopment area and the Immokalee Redevelopment Area.

The Bayshore Gateway Triangle Redevelopment Area

The Bayshore Gateway Triangle Redevelopment Plan includes a study of the area completed in 1999 which identified four distinct manifestations of slum and blight within the Redevelopment Area:

1. Faulty on street & lot layout in relation to size, adequacy, accessibility, or usefulness;

2. Unsanitary or unsafe conditions including deterioration of site.

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CRA Master Plan Overview, CRA Master Plan Intro, CRA Master Plan Objectives I, CRA Master Plan Objectives ii, CRA Master Plan Goals I, CRA Master Plan Goals ii, CRA Master Plan Valuation I, CRA Master Plan Valuation ii

CRA Long-Range Strategic Goals

 1.  Actively market development and redevelopment sites to potential investors by providing incentives.

2.  Facillitate new development and redevelopment on vacant land sites, previously developed or old sites.

3.  Partner with investors, builders and developers to improve or upgrade adjacent public right-of-way and infrastructure.

Invest in Your Community

 REDEVELOPMENT is a wise investment, especially during tough economic times.  Floridians recognize the CRAs work in their community’s best interest.  They develop a common vision and ensure the identity and long-term vitality of a city.

REDEVELOPMENT activities retain and create jobs and they also increase business opportunities for residents..

REDEVELOPMENT efforts create unity and a sense of community among residents.

REDEVELOPMENT reduces crime rates within a community.

CRAs work to transform streetscapes, improve communities and encourage public interaction.

CRAs work to create homeownership opportunities for area residents.

REDEVELOPMENT preserves and showcases the history of an area, protecting the cultural hertiage.

CRAs provide clean and safe environments through the redevelopment of storm water management systems.

CRAs have always reused, recycled and redeveloped–sustainable practices that define “green”.